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Lofoten is one of the most beautiful places on earth and a paradise for fishing and spearfishing!

Arctic Spearfishing invites you to Lofoten Spearfishing Camp here at Hemmingodden Lodge. Our comfortable apartments are right at sea. Combining Axel Schüller as a guide, his knowledge and underwater experiences will make your trip unforgettable. With Hemmingodden as our base, you will hunt many different types of fish and seafood during this camp, and you will learn new techniques. The goal is to get halibut, big cod and pollock, scallops, monkfish and much more during these days - real Arctic underwater hunting!

Here at Hemmingodden, you live beautifully in the idyllic fishing village of Ballstad. The apartment has a fully equipped kitchen, a modern bathroom, and Axel guides all tours on the Arctic Spearfishing's boat. Here you also have access to good indoor gutting facilities and large freezers to store the fish in until you return home. Since Hemmingodden Lodge is a registered fishing camp, our guests can take 18 kg of fish or fish products out of Norway, compare to the otherwise 10 kg.

In walking distance from Hemmingodden is a well-stocked grocery store and several good restaurants.

The weather in Lofoten can, at time, be unpredictable and it often changes fast. In those cases where we cannot follow the set plan, we will make the best of the situation and, for example, dive in sheltered places close to land.

Arctic Spearfishing arranges transport to and from Leknes and Svolvær airports, or from the ferry berths in Stamsund and Moskenes.

If you are a group, the camp can be tailor-made according to your specific demands.

For more info and registration: Arctic Spearfishing

Tentative program:

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Day 1 Arrival. We have a nice dinner together at the HEIM restaurant at Hemmingodden Lodge, a review of important info for the coming days and our underwater hunt.
Day 2 We dive from one of the beautiful beaches at the far end of Lofoten. Here are fantastic underground structures and seaweed fields. We go through equipment, diving and hunting techniques. The first day's focus is to get used to the water up here, and we will also try to catch fish for dinner. The species we hunt today are big pollack, cod and coalfish. We round off the day with one of the famous fish burgers at Anitas Seafood on Sakrisøy. On the way back we pass many scenic places, and we can stop on demand for some pictures.
Day 3 Will be a full day of spearfishing from the boat in an area with good halibut and cod conditions. We are focusing on a catch bag with several different types of fish.
Day 4 If the weather allows, we make the trip to a fishing spot in the open sea, here we find one of the world's strongest ocean currents. We know how to time the hunt with the tide, and you can look forward to a wild and spectacular dive. Here are Norway's largest cod and pollock! Pollock at 20 kg, and cod up to 25 kg.
Day 5 Full focus on halibut! It will be a more extended boat trip to take us to good waters for halibut, thus ensuring that we have the best chance of finding a specimen of this fantastic species.
Day 6 Departure. We pack our equipment and make sure that all fish are correctly packed before returning home.