Guided fishing trips

Fishing trips

Here at Hemmingodden, the Nilsen family has been fishermen for three generations. We are happy to take our guests on educational and exciting fishing trips on our fishing boat, Hemmingodden Jr!

Hemmingodden Jr. is rigged for long-line fishing and is today run by the brothers Steve and Trond-Ketil primarily, and dad Harald is out at the sea as often as he can.

Hemmingodden Jr. is 35 feet, and we can take up to 10 people out on the Lofoten Sea.

Price NOK 750 per person.

The fishing experience does not end when we reach the lodge with the boat full of fish. Because here at Hemmingodden we have very good indoor facilities for gutting and filleting the catch and we of course show how, if you do not have prior knowledge. We have large freezers where you can store the catch until you return home.

Of course, you cook the fish in the cabin when you get home!

* Weather conditions

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