Guided activities

Movement in nature
We would love to guide you through the exciting and magical landscape of Lofoten! There are year-round activities for everyone, and we always adapt it to your experience, skills and level of fitness. Lofoten offers a wide range of hiking possibilities - at sea level, in valleys, mountain peaks, and always near the sea. Together we will talk about your experiences and go through various hiking options to find the most suitable route for you.

The underwater world is magical here in Lofoten! Seaweed forest, sea urchins, tunnels, turquoise water, and so much more! We can offer both guided snorkelling and freediving tours here with us at Hemmingodden.

Lofoten is a ski paradise in the winter! Freeride down steep mountains or couloirs, powder skiing with views of the sea and the beaches - from snow to sea! The cross-country skis are also very nice to use up here, in some of the valleys filled with snow.

Our guide Roland from Austria leads tours all year round. He has extensive experience from many different mountain running activities, snorkelling and freediving, mountaineering and hiking, sightseeing and photography, e-foiling and e-surfing - and he is a badass skier in the winter! Roland is confident and calm, and he always puts safety first.

Price NOK 3000 per activity, up to five hours. Maximum 6 participants.

Please contact us if you would like to book guided tours during your stay at Hemmingodden.
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