Water activities
The freedom to ride anywhere, anytime, without wind or waves by causing zero-emission is the core value and mission statement of Lofoten e-Riders

For all tours with Lofoten e-Riders, an introductory course, as well as wearing a helmet and a life jacket, is mandatory. All gear, like wetsuit, shoes, gloves, helmet, a life jacket as well as the VAT is included in all prices. The condition of participation is a minimum age of 16 years.

An electric surfboard is an electric board equipped with a jet and controlled via wireless remote, which means zero emissions! Lofoten e-Riders are providing the highest quality of e-surfboards on the market, and therefore we cooperate with https://www.radinn.com

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Choose your tour

Basic Tour

clock icon 2 hours
In these two hours mandatory course you learn everything about safety and how to ride an e-foil or e- surfboard. Riding time 90 min. To ensure quality and safety, we only instruct four people at the time.

Explorer Tour

clock icon 3 hours
This is a three-hours guided tour where we explore and surf in open water, cruising along the beautiful shorelines of Lofoten.

Adventure Tour

clock icon 6 hours
This is a six-hours guided tour where we first take the car to drive to some of the best e-surf spots Lofoten has to offer. After surfing amazing fjords, we take a lunch break before continuing to explore more of the unique archipelago.

Exclusive Tour

clock icon 6 hours
This is a six-hours guided tour where we take the boat to some remote locations for our adventure. We cruise along secluded beaches, deep fjords and scenic beaches before we take a lunch break.