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If you are planning a visit to Lofoten, you should treat yourself with the ultimate dining experience at Lofoten Food Studio!

Masterchef Roy Magne Berglund has built a culinary playpen in his own garden and prepares wonderful food inspired by the sea, the shore, the meadow, the forest, the heather moors and the steep mountains here in Lofoten.

Seasonal variations in light, weather and ingredients both challenge and increase his creativity - and the result you can smell, taste and observe from your seat at the chef's table!

The theme and menu will vary with the season and the chef's creative ideas. No matter what time of year you visit Lofoten Food Studio, you will be served his version of the season's local ingredients in harmony with a complex and wonderful drink menu.

Roy Magne is usually fully booked, we recommend that you book as soon as possible.

Your booking can be made here: Lofoten Food Studio
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